Welcome to Protein for Pets

Southern California's Premiere Eco-Conscious and Healthy Family Pet Store.



Why sell something without quality and value?  Here at Protein for Pets, we believe quality and value go hand in hand. We keep our stores running effiently and at low cost so you can get your favorite brands for $5 less than when shopping at big box stores.  We've also developed our own Brand!  The Protein for Pets Naked brand offers both Raw and Dry diets - Check us out!




We believe that service is a combination of quality products, a unique shopping experience, knowledgeable staff and SAME DAY home delivery when you need it.  Our crew members are pet people, they're passionate about your dog(s) or cat(s).  They're even officially trained by the Manuafacturers themselves in every store; they're smart cookies.  







Protein for Pets is a community-focused business, who sees themselves more as a neighbor than a business. The same crew member that helps you at the front counter can show up at your front door with your furry friend favorite food through our Same Day Home Delivery Service. P4P is extremely involved in our surrounding communities through sponsoring charity events, rescues and shelters.




We don't understand why stores have 'All Natural' or 'Healthy' aisles - shouldn't all food be healthy and all natural? That's why here at Protein for Pets, all of our products contain NO wheat, corn, soy or any animal by-products. Our delivery trucks are fueled by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) so even when we're delivering to your door step we're keeping it green. Check out our Blue Gravity Fed Bins that are made out of repurposed Human Grade Food Bins and allow you to pay for your kibble by the pound.